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Hey! I’m Leigh Buchholz, and I’m a self-published author in the works. I graduated Greenville University with a B.A. in English, I work at a library, and I love creating characters and worlds to put them in. While I am working on my first novel, I am also participating in several hobbies including, but not limited to, watching films and TV shows, photography, singing, casual gaming, playing Arkham Horror: TCG and building furniture. That last one is new, and I am in the process of trying to find my first hammer, which I am very excited about.

This website will be my official author site, although you will probably see posts about my other hobbies at times just because I feel like I want the people who enjoy my books to know the real me and not just my author side. It will most likely change over time into something new visually, but the content will remain the same. All of my posts are permanent because they are a part of my story.

The first thing that I want to announce is that I will be publishing my books under A Quaint Place Publishing. I have a website, but have not started designing it yet. It will be a more professional site that will hold updates and book sales, along with anything else fun that I have planned in regards to my books. I will, of course, still post here with the updates as well.

I am extremely excited to start working on everything. Soon, I’m going to have my Instagram account set up so that you will be able to follow me. I will post on Insta when there are updates here on the site.

Look out for my new series of blog posts called Writing Journal. I will be posting about my writing process and some behind-the-scenes info for my books that you can only find here.

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